Drupal 8 is still not ready for production!

Although Drupal 8 was release last week and the installation is straight forward however after the successful install the site just get "Internal Server Error" for no reason.

I take a look at the .htaccess and it is rather complicated and I think this error 500 is likely to be caused by the complicated .htaccess.

A quick search did not turn up any solution to this issue so I will need to debug this and figure out what the real problem with this.

The bottom line is Drupal 8 is not yet ready for production.

Drupal 8 is coming along well!

Drupal 8 is now in beta 4 and it is freeze on new features so what is that mean?

It means it is feature complete and the current focus is just doing bug fixes between beta version.

If you have a large site I would suggest start your Drupal 8 testing now and gather all your requirements and modules that you use on your current Drupal install and getting familiar with Drupal 8 and start planning for migration.

If the Drupal past upgrade any indication of the trend I would suspect the same which is going to be a bumpy ride


How to fix Warning: file_get_contents() http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in eval()?

Warning: file_get_contents() [function.file-get-contents]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in eval()

I have this warning for a long time and can't figure out how to fix it for a long time. I spent lot of time searching and looking and until today!

The solution is very simple once I figure out what it was and it was "Remote File Source", you must enable "Remote File Source" once when you do you will get the warning below:

Drupal 7 Block, very flexible!

Before Drupal 7, if you want to create a block for your Drupal site you either have to create a module or a variable to show your block and it is not fun!

But in Drupal 7, Block is part of the core, just to go ?q=admin/structure/block and create a block.

In the block body you can enter full HTML or PHP code and this is where the flexibility come in.

With full HTML code you can enter any ads including Javascript into your block and assign it anywhere on your site and it shows.


Drupal 7 has reached state of maturity!

With the latest Drupal version 7.26, I think it has reached the status of maturity!

How would I come to this conclusion?

All the modules that I used is now very stable and mostly bug free. Plus all the modules that I used in Drupal 6 is now either ported over to Drupal 7 or has been replaced by something and it is either do the same or provides better alternative.


Drupal 7 multilingual issue

If you are using the multilingual extension in Drupal you are in for a big headache and time consuming upgrade time!

What are the real issues?

The first issue is the multilingual extension change the way it keeps the content so you will have to be very careful how you edit your old content when you add translation otherwise you might lost the content all together.


Drupal 7 upgrade lessen learned!

I have spent so much time upgrading my biggest Drupal site that use lot of modules, forum and use multi-lingual features and I must tell it is a hardest upgrade job that I ever did for Drupal upgrade.

If I detail out all the things I have to do for this big upgrade this will be a very long blog post but I will try to stick to what is important!

Drupal 7 upgrade nightmare!

I spent month on evaluating Drupal 7 and upgrade a few small site and it seems to work well so I went ahead upgrade one of my biggest site that running Drupal 7.

Everything seem to be working with some minor issue so I thought let that the cut over and stay with Drupal 7 but then by the end of the day I realize something is really bad that I discover!

The forum is not working at all!

This is the message I got and doing some searching and it seems that lot of people are having the same problem with Drupal 7 regarding Forum.


Drupal 7 upgrade tips!

With the success of upgrading my first Drupal site so I thought maybe I should do upgrade on my other Drupal site. I was in for a long night and unsuccessful upgrade but I did figure out a way to recover from the failure upgrade and I decide to write this article so other will be able to benefit from my finding.

First of all you will more than likely to get something about “blocked_ips” and that is because you were at one point did the upgrade and your settings.php has this below:


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